MAPLE LEAF #2 (Stanbridge East) 7:30 p.m.  

2nd Monday (closed July and August

Masonic Hall, 20 Academy St., Stanbridge East

Sandra Ewart, W.M.,  Eric Sanborn, P.G.P., W.P.

Secretary: Mrs. Beverley Mae Sanborn, P.G.M.,

Send mail to: 160 Sanborn Road, Bromont, QC J2L 2N2


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WESTMOUNT #9 (Montreal) 7:30 p.m. 

4th Thursday of each month; 2nd Thursday in December (closed July and August)

St. Ansgar Luthern Church

4020 Grand Blvd., Montréal

Audrey Williamson, P.G.M., W.M., William Miller, P.G.P., W.P.

Secretary:  Mrs. Mary Pauline Vatsis

Send mail to: 2354 Watson Rd., Elgin, QC J0S 2E0


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FRIENDSHIP #15 Consolidated with Westmount #9


COWANSVILLE #17 (Knowlton) 7:30 p.m.

3rd Monday (closed July & August)
3rd Monday January and February 1:30 PM

I.O.O.F Hall, 480 Knowlton Road, Knowlton

Mrs. Donna Mitchell, W.M.,  Mr. Norman Cook, W.P.

Secretary: Ms. Brenda Stone, P.G.M.

send mail to: 8 March St., Knowlton, QC J0E 1V0


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VICTORY #34  (Hemmingford) 7:30 p.m.  

1st Friday (closed July & August) When the stated meeting of April falls on Good Friday, this meeting shall be held on the second Monday, and when the stated meeting of January falls on January 1st this meeting shall be held on the following Monday.
If the meeting in June conflicts with the Grand Chapter of Vermont then it shall be held on the following Monday.  If the meeting in November conflicts with the General Grand Chapter's Triennium then the meeting will be held on the closest Monday available following the Triennium".

Masonic Chambers, 489 Frontier St. Hemmingford

Mrs. Helen Black, W.M., Mr. Douglas Black, W.P.

Secretary: Mrs. Brenda Shaw-Radford, P.G.M.

send mail to: 3985 Bazin Crescent, Brossard, QC, J4Z 2J3


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OWL’S HEAD #35 (Mansonville)  7:30 p.m.

Fourth Wednesday. May and September, 2nd Meeting of the month on 2nd Thursday. (Closed January, February, July and August.)

Masonic Hall, 4 Vale Perkins

Mrs. Janet Patch, W.M.,  Mr. Garnet Morrison, W.P.

Secretary: Mr. Roderick McWilliam

Send mail to: 27 Jayview, Mansonville, QC J0E 1X0

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LAKE ST. LOUIS #45 (Valois/Pointe Claire)  7:30 p.m.

1st Thursday except June 3rd Thursday, (closed July & August )

Church of the Resurrection Hall, 99 Avenue de Mount Pleasant, Pointe Claire

Corner Queen’s Road and Mount Pleasant Avenue

Miss Huguette Daguerre, P.G.M., W.M.  Mr. Barry Yaxley, W.P.

Secretary: Mrs. Judy Christiansen, P.G.M.

Send mail to: 148 Athenes, Dollard Des Ormeaux, H9B 3L2


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FIDELITY #55 (Pierrefonds)  7:30 p.m.

2nd Wednesday except October - 4th Wednesday.  Closed July and August.

Harmony Hall, 14100 Pierrefonds Blvd.

Patricia Collete Bovy, W.M., Mr. James Champion, W.P.

Secretary:  Mrs. Joyce Dryden, P.G.M.

Send mail to: 312 - 217 Stillview Ave., Pointe Claire, QC H9R 2Y5


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LACHUTE #56  (Lachute) 7:30 p.m.  

3rd Thursday (Closed January, February, July and August)

Margaret Rodger Memorial Church, 463 rue Principale, Lachute

Mrs. Margaret Hourston, P.G.M., W.M.,  Mr. David Sherk, P.P., W.P.

Secretary:  Mrs. Dorothy Gauley, P.M.

Send mail to: 287 Boyd Lake Rd., Wentworth, QC J8H 0A7


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